The finest video for WordPress.

With a clean and unobtrusive player, VideoPress is the best tool for videographers, creators, filmmakers, educators, and bloggers seeking to upload high-quality video with ease.


A video player like no other.

Our immersive and clean player is designed to put your content in the spotlight. No ads, no logos — only your best ideas on the screen.

Completely ad-free

Make your videos shine with a player free of ads, branding, or any suggested content out of your control.

Immersive colors

Let the seekbar match the colors of your media, or choose a specific color that fits the aesthetics of your site.

Advanced functionality

Our player is compatible with all modern devices and supports 4K, 60 FPS, chapters, subtitles, and more.

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High quality video, wherever your audience is.

Built-in privacy

Offer exclusive content to your subscribers with private videos.

Adaptive bitrate

Deliver high-quality playback at the ideal bitrate and resolution.

State of the art CDN

Leverage one of the most advanced content delivery networks in the world.

Manage all your videos directly from your WordPress admin.

VideoPress is deeply integrated with WordPress, so uploading and managing videos is done directly from your website’s admin panel.

A simpler workflow

Upload your videos directly to your posts, instead of third party services.

Everything in one place

Manage your videos where the rest of your content lives — your own site.

Directly in the editor

Customize the player and all its settings in the WordPress editor.


VideoPress offers performance and flexibility to support all your ideas.


Choose the best option for you.

Create a new website for your videos.





Add VideoPress to an existing website.

1TB of storage

Easy to set up and use

Built into the WordPress editor

Unlimited users